“Bro Cydweli Local Ministry Area Council will be holding the Annual Vestry Meeting via Zoom this year due to Covid-19 restrictions.  If you are interested in participating, please contact the Secretary, Mrs Margaret Rees by e-mail at reesmargaret@outlook.com.  She will then send you the appropriate link and papers for the meeting.”

We welcome donations to Carmarthen Foodbank – it is our practice to donate items for the Foodbank by placing items at the foot of the font in church and by handing money to our wardens.  As this is not possible at present we are hoping that those who wish to donate money to the Foodbank will continue to do so and we are offering to do this through the church.  Financial donations can be made by on line giving but those who wish to can give them to Jean and Huw (275222) or Margaret and Peter (275479).  In these unprecedented times it is even more important to support those who are struggling to buy food for their families so we look forward to hearing from those who wish to help in this way.

Help during the Covid-19 restrictions

If you live in the Llanddarog or Porthyrhyd area, please let us know if you need help during self-isolation by either phoning 01267 275222 or e-mailing Jean, giving you name, telephone number and address.

We would also ask those who are able to offer any support to neighbours and friends to contact Jean.  This may be a phone call each day or perhaps doing shopping or collecting prescriptions.  Please give your name, telephone number and address, and say what you are able to offer

Both Llanddarog and Porthyrhyd Village shops are taking phone orders so that you can collect by car and they will put them in your boot or they will deliver locally. Please contact either Llanddarog Shop on 01267 275227 or Porthyrhyd Shop on 01267 275241.

Where is St Twrog Church?

Welcome to St Twrog Church Llanddarog, near the National Botanic Garden of Wales.  The Church was built at a high point between Carmarthen and Cross Hands and its distinctive steeple is a landmark for those travelling along the busy A48.  It marks a place where worship and prayer have been offered since before the sixth century when Twrog, the local man of God, established his community – his ‘Llan’ – on this high point between the Gwendraeth and the Tywi valleys.

What do we do?

Worship, prayer, witness, service and fellowship continues today with a lively congregation.  Our life and worship reflects the character of this rural parish which had strong associations with coal mining in the Gwendraeth Valley.

We invite you to visit St Twrog Church at the heart of our beautiful community, set among the green hills and valleys of Carmarthenshire.  On most Sundays we hold two services, one in Welsh and one in English, for more detail please click here.

Where do we belong?

St Twrog Church is linked through the ministry of Canon Dewi Roberts to Llanarthne and Llangendeirne Churches.  These Churches, together with seven others in this area are a benefice within the Local Ministry Area of Cydweli.  It is a parish of the Diocese of St Davids in the Church in Wales, a Province of the Anglican Communion.