Doing our bit for the NHS

For three years now, St Twrog Church members have done their bit for the NHS, starting with the Knit and Natter group making hats and cardigan for premature babies and lately, following a plea from a nurse in Cambridgeshire to help prevent premature and very small babies from pulling out cannula in arms/legs by knitting simple sleeves to cover the cannulas.

In these unprecedented times, members have pulled together to help again.  One of members is making scrubs for the local GP practice who have been unable to source them and others are making scrubs bags.  The scrubs must be made of either cotton or poly-cotton and must stand up to being worn daily, washed at 60o and ironed.  The same goes for the scrubs bags (used to carry the scrubs home for washing etc.) which are also washed at 60o with the scrubs.

Lilac Scrubs Material Everywhere!