Easter Message from the Vicar

“Was it not necessary that the Christ should suffer these things and enter into his glory?”  Luke 24:26

In his overflowing love God acted in ways we could not have imagined. The suffering of the Messiah was necessary.

Suffering was the pathway to glory.

Pope Francis says :

“By choosing not to separate his glory from his death on the cross, Jesus frees both his disciples and the Church from “empty forms of triumphalism” which are void of love, service, compassion, and ultimately, people.”

We share in Christ’s suffering and glory by our acts of sacrificial love and compassion, by selfless service to one another – exemplified in the dedication of the nurses, doctors, and support staff in the hospitals, as well as all the carers in our community: who give of themselves completely in extreme circumstances, knowing that they are placing their own lives at risk, and even the lives of their loved ones, in order to save others.

We cannot express our gratitude enough for the care and courage of those on the front line in our hospitals.

This Easter may we give thanks for all who work so tirelessly and sacrificially to save lives.

And may we bless God, the fountain of all human compassion,

and give thanks for Christ’s sacrifice for the life of the world,

and for the living hope through his resurrection, even in the

midst of suffering and death.

May you know a happy and blessed Easter.

Canon Dewi Roberts